Combinaciones – Combinations

Incluye arroz y frijoles
Include rice and beans
Seleccione dos de los siguientes
Choose two of the following – $11.50

comboSoft Taco
Carne de res, pollo o puerco con lechuga, tomate, y queso
Choice of beef, chicken or pork with lettuce, tomato and cheese

Carne de res, pollo, puerco o queso con salsa enchilada encima
Choice of beef, chicken, pork or cheese topped with enchilada sauce

Carne de pollo, puerco o queso con salsa verde encima
Choice of chicken, pork, or cheese topped with green sauce

Chile Rellenos
Chile pasilla y queso con salsa verde encima
Pasilla chile stuffed with cheese and topped with green sauce

Gluten Free Choices – All items cooked in Ovino’s Olive Oil

combo1House Salad – $7.00
Green Mix, avocado and tomato

Chicken and Beef Fajita Salad – $14.75
Green Mix, bell peppers, onions, tomato with pinto beans

Veggie Enchiladas Rancheras – $13.00
Bell peppers, onion, mushroom, spiniach with green mix and pinto beans